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About GrindWorks

GRINDWORKS Broadcast Media, a global independent digital television network based in the U.S., has a PPV/VOD & live streaming model that offers you an option to sell both single Videos (E.g. Movies) or a set of multiple part video (e.g. TV Shows, Seasons and it’s Episodes) to your audience. GrindWorks also provides you multiple options to further enhance the experience of your movie, film or show by allowing you to provide differential pricing strategy for each piece of content offered.

Our platform is designed with the content creator in mind. With features like PPV, VOD, Live Streaming, Chromecast, Apple TV, & ROKU, GrindWorks will help to monetize your movies, short-films & shows to enable financial growth for you & your project.

With GrindWorks Broadcast Media you make money. No strings. No nonsense. Which is the most important part! We monetize your films & shows! Those that pay for their slot get 100% of revenue from PPV/VOD purchases, downloads product placement and advertising. If we donate the slot it will be a revenue split with you, the content provider, receiving the MAJORITY OF REVENUE! Let GrindWorks Broadcast Media give your projects the respect they deserve.

How We Do It

GrindWorks Broadcast Media enables video content owners to easily monetize your video content beyond the borders of traditional advertising. We do this by offering a multi-purpose platform, which video content owners can submit their projects to our Multi-Screen Video Streaming (Live & On-Demand) platform in matter of just a few minutes and at minimum or possibly no upfront investment! GrindWorks Broadcast Media works on a Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) model and charges a very low monthly fee in return for content owners to be able to use its platform and services. GrindWorks Broadcast Media partnered with the leading technology & film companies in the world including Amazon Web Services, Adobe and IBM to offer the best of breed solution to our customers

Our Vision

GrindWorks Broadcast Media aims to disrupt the global OTT Video Streaming market which is ruled by the larger enterprises, by offering a very cost-effective solution for video content owners to launch their own films, movies and shows on our platform, thus lowering their overall cost and time involved in go-to-market and providing them monetization options beyond the borders of traditional advertising and giving them more control over how their content is distributed and what they charge for the same, thus putting them in the driver’s seat of their own business rather than relying on others.

MONETIZATION OF LIVE STREAMING: GRINDWORKS offers you professional tools and utilities to monetize your Live Streams on all fronts like Subscription, Pay Per View or Ad-Supported Model.

GrindWorks Broadcast Media