BOOST: The Movie

Maurice Hooks

We are pleased to announce that we have come to an agreement with Mr. Maurice Hooks, of Las Vegas and the GrindWorks Film Community, regarding the production, marketing & distribution his feature film entitled BOOST! An independent feature film written by Mr. Hooks, a car enthusiast, that blends elements of Gone In 60 Seconds and The Fast and the Furious.


Starring Zavieh Harrell as "Clutch"... Clutch's family is going through a tough time financially, so he takes it upon himself to pick up the slack and help his mother by racing and boosting cars.

Starring: Zavieh Harrel as "Clutch"


Lead Actors & Actresses: Michael Forsch, Rose Donahue, Lindsey Cruz, Chloe Brown, Dominic Trujillo and Melyssa Grace.

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Restyle 702 in Las Vegas, NV


Zavieh Harrell - Clutch.png

Zavieh Harrell As:


Soccorro Jones - Clutch's Mother.png

Soccorro Jones As:

"Clutch's Mother"

Michael Forsch - Darren.png

Michael Forsch As:


Rose G. Donahue - Cassie.png

Rose G. Donahue As:


kerry fezza.png

Kerry Fezza As:


Victoria Kelemen - Brooke.png

Victoria Kelemen As:


Joe Palubinsky - Detective Briggins.png

Joe Palubinski As:

"Detective Briggins"

Chloe Brown - Liz.png

Chloe Brown As:


Melyssa Grace - Tammy.png

Melyssa Grace As:


Lindsey Cruz - Joey.png

Lindsey Cruz As:


Dominic Trujillo.jpg

Dominic Trujillo As: