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GrindWorks Platforms

All GrindWorks powered Video Streaming Platforms come with ready Chromecast Support for Web and Mobile Apps. GrindWorks supports all chromecast generations, enabling your viewers to take automatic advantage of the comfort & luxury of a big screen playback and start streaming content to their connected TVs instantly. 

Our platform is designed with the content creator in mind. With features like PPV, VOD, Live Streaming, Chromecast, Apple TV, & ROKU, GrindWorks will help to monetize your movies, short-films & shows to enable financial growth for you & your project.

With GrindWorks Broadcast Media you make money. No strings. No nonsense. Which is the most important part! We monetize your films & shows! Those that pay for their slot get 100% of revenue from PPV/VOD purchases, downloads product placement and advertising. If we donate the slot it will be a revenue split with you, the content provider, receiving the MAJORITY OF REVENUE! Let GrindWorks Broadcast Media give your projects the respect they deserve.

How We Do It

GrindWorks viewers stream their favorite videos from our streaming platform to their Chromecast connected Screens and TVs out-of-the-box via a Website (Browser with the Google Cast extension installed) or via a Mobile Devices (with Google Cast installed) by just pressing the cast button on the video player on your GrindWorks powered platform.


Take your video platform to over 1 billion+ iOS users with the GrindWorks


Stream your content from our platform to Chromecast connected Screens and TVs

Apple TV

GrindWorks gives you all the features that you can expect in an Apple TV app.

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Get everything you need from a Video On Demand (VOD) Platform with GrindWorks


Roku, with over 10 million devices sold is the most popular media box available.

Android App

Reach millions of Android users instantly via our Android App for your video streaming platform.

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On Demand or Live Streaming

GrindWorks supports both Live Streaming and on-demand videos. You can launch your own-branded coaching or training based VOD Platform across Web, Mobile and Connected TVs and offer both Live Streaming as well as On-Demand videos at a click of a button.

Live Stream sports, events, news or even business conferences & training to your audience instantly. GrindWorks' Live Streaming engine has the capability to manage everything that lets you launch a Multi-Screen Live Video Streaming platform without any knowledge of coding or IT-related headaches. From something as complex as live streaming TV Channel feeds to something as simple as laptop, webcam and mobile camera based feeds, our live streaming software & technology supports all kinds of requirements and can be customized to support whatever your need might be.

Hybrid Platform

Long gone are days of separate platforms for Live Streaming and On-demand contents. GrindWorks offers you a unique support to run a combination of Live and On-demand Videos simultaneously on a single platform. With GrindWorks, you can even monetize your Hybrid Platforms with different options for Live Streaming and On-demand Videos.


GRINDSTICK / GRINDBOX: Grindstick or Grindbox allows us to stream your content via an Android TV based streaming stick or an Android TV powered media box which exclusively has our branding on the hardware as well as our Grindworks powered OTT app being pre-loaded. Which means that the device boots into the same always, providing viewers exclusive access to only Grindworks content.

Live Audio Broadcast

The Grindworks platform supports live streaming of audio content. Now our users can stream audio content that's running live such as a concert, coverage from a recording studio, jamming sessions of a band, radio room discussions, etc. Once you have uploaded an existing audio feed in the Grindworks CMS, users will be able to stream it live from the website.

Sell Physical Goods

You can now sell your physical products and merchandises including T-shirts, DVDs, scale models, cups and watches that are related to your viewer’s preferences, that too in a unified platform. Your viewers are provided with an option to purchase physical products related to the content they are streaming or our platform, which also provides you an added advantage of monetizing your different business channels into one unified platform.

Multi-Currency & Multi-Language

Our viewers may come from different parts of the world, may speak different languages and may want to transact in their own currencies. Understanding this, Grindworks brings multi-currency and multi-language support, allowing you to talk to your customers in their language and bill them in their local currency.


With Grindworks, we can block our entire website or apps in any specific country or region instantly, and change this setting at will. This means that any country or region out of your demographic shall not be able to access your content from our platform or app if it is not the wish of the content provider. A simple message of “Currently Not Available in Your Country” says it all.

MONETIZATION OF LIVE STREAMING: GRINDWORKS offers you professional tools and utilities to monetize your Live Streams on all fronts like Subscription, Pay Per View or Ad-Supported Model.