Test Lab

GrindWorks Test Lab

The GrindWorks Test Lab is designed to for our review committee to engage viewers by use of a pilot program voting system. Distribution deals will be given to select producer's of films, shows and documentaries based on our review committee and number of viewer votes. 

Our Test Lab is designed to ensure seamless integration of your independent films, shows and documentaries into our Digital Marketing Pre-Feature Program and eventually, the GrindWorks Broadcast Media monetization platform . If your pilot program is successful, a broader rollout into the GrindWorks platform will be completed.

The Process

If you have a great independent film or TV series that you'd like us to consider for the GrindWorks Test Lab and possible distribution visit the GrindWorks Film Community page and post a link to your file along with producer info and logline/synopsis of the project. 

After review, if you wish to vote on a full-feature or short film, show, web-series or documentary for inclusion that’s not yours, click on the little red heart. 

Web / TV Series

Short Films