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A GrindWorks Original Film


“The Press” is the last black owned newspaper and radio station on the east coast and deals with politics, corruption, hate and community issues. Located in Greensboro, NC, The Press was founded by Mr. Bill Strong and has been in existence for over 70 years. The paper is tied to the black community here and all over the country it is well documented and revered for its head on approach when dealing with black issues, black politicians, and black communities all over America.

Charles Smith is a radio talk show host with revolutionary views. He does not associate himself with the “people of color” movement because he feels no one is treated worse than the black man here in America. He will challenge anyone black or white that he fees is a distraction or threat to the people or “The Press”. Charles Smith vows to keep the community informed and aware of all the things that play a big part in the shaping of black America.

The Cast

Charles Smith: Charles Smith is a radio talk show host. He causes lots of controversy within the general public because of his attitude, religion, racial opinions, and beliefs. He has lots of love for his community. The radio station is owned by the newspaper he works for as the lead columnist. He only has one flaw and that’s Regina.

Regina: By the end of this series Regina will be the one our audience will definitely feel hate for. Regina enjoys partying, she’s an alcoholic, and cheats on Charles. While Charles was away attending college Regina held things together for him, and therefore Charles feels that he owes her something.

Islam: He is Charles’ best friend since childhood and simply hates Regina. He’s very observant to everything going on in Charles’ life. They are best friends because they have so much in common except for their choice of women.

Geraldine Gaines: Is always on the defensive, overly protective of her son, (who is cripple), very smart, and a council woman who has a flirtatious relationship with Charles. Her and Regina do not get along. There will come a time when these two ladies butt heads and it will not be pretty.

Mr. Bill Strong: A rather large man who is a cigar smoker that has a very intimidating voice. and tries to keep Charles in check. Mr. Strong really cares for Charles because he sees so much of him in Charles when he was at that age.

The Vision:

Are we as black filmmakers are not allowed to talk about power black politics through news and media? We have “All The Presidents Men”, “The Post”, “Absence Of Malice” and the list goes on. I did some research for movies about black newspapers and not to my surprise we do not have any (or there were none listed). “The Press” is about to change all of that. America will be introduced to a man that seems to have it all together. He’s smart, good looking, dresses nice, and is loved by the community because he’s outspoken, demanding, and stands by what he believes in.


Most of all he’s the voice of black communities all across America. This hard working young man will unknowingly become a bigger force in the world of news and media, and he will get what comes with it, hate and envy. He will go from being the hunter to being the hunted. A sudden life change that he is not prepared for. He will be in a place where only the strong survive, and he must learn how to quickly adapt. Like I said earlier he’s very smart, but even his smarts and street knowledge cannot prepare him for what he’s about to encounter.

WRITTEN BY: Larry Syid Wright for PitchVine, LLC.